Best food to try in Morocco Blog

Morocco is known for its delicious food, full of flavors and spices but it will surely surprise you, each city has its own dishes and speciality that we will discover together.


Tajine is one the most famous dishes in Morocco. It consists of a clay pot with a conical lid with several types of dishes cooked slowly inside, such as meat, chicken or fish cooked with vegetables.

There are two types of Tajine, the sweet and the salty one, two different favores that you must try once you visit Morocco.

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Tanjia is a baking container as well as the dish which cooks there. It is made of clay and has a shape of urn, available in both small and large shapes.

It is Marrakech speciality, a traditional dish with meat and spices, and what makes it more special that it took a lot of time to be cooked, more than 5 hours to have to perfect texture of Tanjia, it is one of the first dishes that you must taste once you are in Marrakech, and if you planned your trip to Morocco with one of the best Moroccan travel agencies such as Morocco Magic trip, finding the best Tanjia in Marrakech will be much easier.


Couscous, is a Moroccan traditional dish made by crushed steamed wheat, meat or chicken and vegetables, in general it is made by Moroccans every friday, it’s a Muslims holy day, but it is available in most restaurants, it has a very interesting flavor.

Chicken Pastilla 

If you are a sweet and salty lover, Pastilla is what you should taste when you visit Morocco, it has the mixture between salty chicken and sweet almond, wrapped in a crunchy phyllo pastry. It is a very unique dish to try.


Bissara is a soup made of dried fava beans, served with olive oil and spicy pepper on the top. It is a warm dish to have especially in the cold season.

This dish is known more in the north of Morocco, farmers used to take it for breakfast before going to work.


Sardines or seafood in general, Morocco have two sides on the ocean, on the Mediterranean Sea and the other on the Atlantic Ocean, wich make this country has the biggest source of fishes, and especially Sardines that we export a very large quantity of it to the whole world, so once you are in Morocco you should enjoy a fresh grilled Sardine with traditional spices that makes it more special.

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Rfissa is a traditional dish made when usually a woman gives birth and invites friends and family to enjoy a meal together and celebrate. It is made with traditional Moroccan Bread ( Mssemen ), chicken, lentils and onions, and it might be decorated with eggs, dates and almonds.

Moroccan sweet 

When it comes to sweet, Morocco has a large choice of sweets with different flavors that will blow you mind, i will give you some of the most popular ones : 

Mhancha : It’s a crunchy phyllo pastry filled with almond and sugar, it has the snake shape that’s why it had the name Mhancha.

Briwat : It is almost the same as Mhancha but in a different shape, but the same composant.

Kaab Ghzal : if we made a traduction it will give us Gazel Horn, it is the almond paste flavored with orange blossom water and cinnamon is enclosed in a delicate pastry, molded into a croissant, then cooked until it is barely golden brown.

Chebakia : Is a cookie made especially in Ramadan time, so people break their fast by eating Chebakia and drinking soup, but it is available in markets and cafes. It is a flavored cookie that gets fried, then dipped in honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

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