The best part of Morocco to visit (Website)

There isn’t a best part of Morocco to visit, Morocco is a very beautiful country with diverse places, cities, mountains, beaches, deserts and landscapes to discover. Each person will find a favorite place in Morocco, where he can enjoy his holidays. Morocco became one of the most visited countries, more than 3.4 Million tourists had visited Morocco in the first half of 2022, and for sure there will be more and more due to the beauty of the country and its inhabitants.

Beyond Stereotypes: Exploring the Modern and Traditional Sides of Morocco

Ksar el Bahia

So Many tourists have the stereotype that in Morocco we have only camels, desserts, old towns and villages, souks… but Morocco has more than this, this country has a mixture between the moderne life and the traditional one, the Moroccan people are always attached to their culture but of course without ignoring the modernity that makes the country and its inhabitants very special.

One of the most known thing in Morocco is the good taste of traditional food, the spices, the old recipes, the way of cooking, and many other things that makes the Moroccan kitchen is one of the best in the whole world, and almost each city has a speciality, for example Marrakech is famous by Tanjia, it’s a special dish cooked in a special oven, it’s a very delicious one to taste once you are in Marrakech, we have also Tajine, it’s a very known dish here in Morocco, meat of chicken Tajine it’s a must if you are here in Morocco.

To have an unforgettable journey in Morocco, I advise you to book your trip with one of the best Moroccan agencies, Morocco Magic Trip, so everything will be prepared for you in order to enjoy your trip without thinking about the small details.

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Exploring the Best of Morocco: Culture, Deserts, Beaches, Mountains, and Nightlife

Chefchaouen Panoramic View

If you want a journey in Morocco to discover the culture and the traditions, you should visit Fes and Marrakech, these two cities are two from the oldest cities of Morocco where you can still see the beauty of old medina, where artisans work wonderful handmade local products.

If you are visiting Morocco to see its breathtaking desert with the beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise, and to enjoy a night under the light of the stars, you must visit Merzouga on a lifetime journey with Morocco Magic Trip.

If you are looking for trip to surf, because you are surf lover, Morocco is your best choice, in the North of the country we have best beaches to enjoy this activity, such as Agadir, Essaouira and Imessouane, the last one is a small village known by the hospitality of the locals and its perfect waves for surfing.

If you are a mountain lover, of course you have plenty of places to visit, such as Chafchaouen, the blue pearl, is one of the beautiful little town of Morocco, you can visit Atlas mountains and especially when it’s snowing, it is also interesting for ski lovers, because we have two Ski stations in Morocco, one in Atlas Mountains Oukaimeden, and the other one in Rif Mountains Ifrane.

But if you are visiting Morocco to enjoy partying with your friends, Tangier or Marrakech are the best places for it, they have the most known nightclubs in Morocco, and especially Marrakech, it’s also known by the city that doesn’t sleeps, it has a large choice of places where you can get a fancy dinner and enjoy a live band show.

We can’t wait to have you here in this beautiful country so you can enjoy every part of it, and to get the chance to discover it, of course with the best Moroccan travel agency, Morocco Magic Trip.

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